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Goodbye after 36 years

Alcorn retiring as Herald columnist after 1,100 articles Jimmy Carter had recently become president, and the Austin Daily Herald published my personal description of and ... Read more  | 1 comment

Alcorn: Sexual attitude of Victorians is misunderstood

Listening to “moderns,” as of course I do, one would think the term “mid-Victorian” identifies the most impractical, unhealthy, oppressive, and outright hypocritical attitude toward ... Read more

Alcorn: Enjoy the teenagers at businesses

I miss the teenage kids. I miss them from retail businesses each fall when they return to school, and they excite me when they return ... Read more

Alcorn: Read what’s written, not others’ opinions

A great number of readers of the Internet are more influenced — and negatively — by uncivil “reader comments” posts that emotionally attack reports of ... Read more  | 1 comment