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Mission is for students to eat healthy every day

What is the goal of Food and Nutrition Services in Austin Public Schools? Our mission is food and nutrition for every student, every day. I think most ... Read more

Branching out and facing new challenges

Working as a dietitian for the past 13 years, I’ve discovered I have a hunger for learning new things. Daily, I take time to read ... Read more

Haugen: Sweeten up summer with melons

Melons make for a refreshing and lower-calorie treat during the warmer months. Most melons weigh in at under 50 calories per one-cup serving and contain ... Read more

Haugen: It’s not always easy to grab a bite to eat during the workday.

Between meetings, conference calls and deadlines, the daily grind can make “desktop dining” a viable option. A Desktop Dining Survey in 2011 found that 83 ... Read more

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