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Branching out and facing new challenges

Working as a dietitian for the past 13 years, I’ve discovered I have a hunger for learning new things. Daily, I take time to read ... Read more

Haugen: Sweeten up summer with melons

Melons make for a refreshing and lower-calorie treat during the warmer months. Most melons weigh in at under 50 calories per one-cup serving and contain ... Read more

Haugen: It’s not always easy to grab a bite to eat during the workday.

Between meetings, conference calls and deadlines, the daily grind can make “desktop dining” a viable option. A Desktop Dining Survey in 2011 found that 83 ... Read more

Take kids into the kitchen with you

Editor’s note: This column is written by Sarah Studley, an Austin native, who is  a dietetic intern from the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  Sarah ... Read more

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