Austin couple faces charges after meth bust

Published 1:04pm Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Austin couple faces multiple drug charges after authorities allegedly caught them selling methamphetamines and a handgun earlier this year.

Robert Trevino, 43, faces several felony charges of first- and second-degree drug sale of meth, storing meth paraphernalia in the home of a child and fifth-degree drug possession. Charlotte Beer, 41, faces one charge of storing meth paraphernalia in the home of a child and fifth-degree drug possession.

Trevino allegedly sold meth to informants several times in March, in amounts ranging from 3.5 grams to 5.9 grams, according to a court complaint. Trevino and his nephew also allegedly sold a .45-caliber handgun to an informant earlier in April. The handgun, which was turned over to police, was originally sold in Burlington, N.C., according to the complaint.

Authorities raided Trevino and Beer’s home, at the 1000 block of West Oakland Avenue, on April 23 after Trevino sold 3.3 grams of meth to another informant. Police recovered a glass meth pipe, two corner baggies with small amounts of meth, and at least seven ziptop baggies with varying degrees of meth, all less than 1 gram. Police also took a digital scale and marijuana paraphernalia into evidence.

At the jail, Beer allegedly told police she only occasionally used meth as a “boost” to keep her awake while she worked, as she has a medical condition. She told police she and Trevino lived at the home with their family for the past one and a half months. Beer would not say who she gets meth from and told police she didn’t know who the meth and meth pipe found in her purse belonged to, according to the complaint.

Trevino told police he occasionally stays at the home with Beer and denied using meth, though he told police he takes medication for Lyme Disease, according to the complaint. He also said he “hooks people up” or “middles” drug sales, which includes meth, but said meth did not make up the majority of his sales. Trevino wouldn’t tell police who supplied him with meth, according to the complaint.

Both Trevino and Beer are next due in court on May 8.

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