Austin native Trace Bundy won an ESPN contest to be featured on SportsCenter.  --Photo courtesy of Dean Zulich Photography
Austin native Trace Bundy won an ESPN contest to be featured on SportsCenter. -- Photo courtesy of Dean Zulich Photography

Bundy plays on SportsCenter

Published 12:12pm Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Da, da, da, DA, DA, DA.

That’s the iconic part of the familiar SportsCenter jingle, and now an Austin native can say he played the song live for that very show.

ESPN asked singer-songwriter Trace Bundy and seven other musicians to take part in the contest, with the winner getting the chance to play his or her version live on the SportsCenter morning show Tuesday. Bundy got the nod.

“It was really cool,” Bundy said Tuesday via phone call as he waited to get on a plane to go home to Colorado. “I had a great time meeting all the staff. Everybody was really kind, but most of all it was a blast playing.”

Bundy said he was competing against talented musicians, all presenting a unique take on the familiar theme. Bundy, whose main instrument is the acoustic guitar, was able to play several elements with a unique style.

He found out this weekend that he won, but ESPN asked him to keep it secret until he was revealed on the show. During his time there he asked ESPN officials about the contest.

“ I asked them how the competition ended up going,” Bundy said. “All talent was awesome but I just kept getting more votes. I have a really loyal fan base. I feel really honored.”

Bundy played eight times during the two-hour broadcast, and while technically he was playing in front of an audience, it was a much different experience from his usual live audience.

“If you mess up a little in a concert, it’s not a real big deal,” Bundy said. “You mess up in front of a million people on TV, it’s definitely a little more nerve-wracking. I’m not that familiar with this song. It’s not something I could play in my sleep.”

Bundy said the entire experience — from the contest to playing live — was amazing.

“It was quite an adventure,” he said. “I spent a lot of time working on the song. Getting to be there was quite a rush.”

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