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Messersmith auditions for the heart

Published 10:21am Saturday, February 1, 2014

Romantic comedies, you’ve got a new soundtrack.

With his fifth album “Heart Murmers,” Minneapolis-based Jeremy Messersmith has a crafted a collection of — no surprise from the title — songs about love.

Each song off “Heart Murmurs” is like an audition for the soundtrack of an independent romantic comedy.

“Tourniquet” plays like something that should score the climactic reunion scene of the film. The ballad “Bridges” with its chorus of “I’m gonna hurt you make you cry; the only thing I need is time” would play during the montage after the crisis. “Steve” and “You’ll Only Break His Heart” would play during a similar montage as a character walks slowly down a sidewalk lit by streetlights to ponder his broken heart.

The catchy “Ghost” unfolds like an homage to Mumford and Sons, with a driving bass and an undeniable folk feel.

At times, Messersmith is a bit like the male companion to a Zooey Deschanel — a bit too sweet. Still, it’s hard not to keep right on listening and tapping your toes to the music.

The subtly infectious, catchy songs make the roughly 42-minute album feel like a breeze.

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