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Several AHS students pushing for Star Wars prom

Published 8:01am Sunday, December 1, 2013

A group of Austin High School juniors are trying to boldly go where no AHS prom committee has gone before.

Several students are advocating for a Star Wars-themed prom in 2014, and have flooded social media and other outlets with information about the engaging idea. Star Trek jokes aside, the group is serious about a space-themed prom designed to attract students who may not normally attend.

“Part of the goal of this thing is to get it to appeal to a lot of people,” said Quin Brunner, high school junior and prom committee member. “That’s the reason we decided to go really far in hyping this.”

Brunner and several male students brought the idea up at a prom committee meeting several weeks ago, trying to get their idea heard. To Brunner, the idea could attract single students looking to bond with their friends, as well as students who might not attend a high school function like prom. That’s why Brunner and others have done small promotions throughout the school, such has hiding lightsaber-like balloons and holding other contests, to promote the idea.

“People really became interested in it,” Brunner said.

The Force is not with everyone on Brunner’s proposal, however. Several students have stated their concerns the theme may ruin the prom experience, and Brunner said he has heard from several people worried they will be forced to dress up in Star Wars costumes instead of formal wear.

“Wait the Star Wars themed prom is actually being considered? I thought people brought it up as a joke …” wrote one student on Twitter.

Junior Alex Smith, also on the prom committee, said she has seen similar posts online.

“So far I would say there are a lot of mixed feelings towards it, but I think a lot of people are against it,” she said.

Brunner said the Star Wars theme wouldn’t be taken literally, but would likely have space-like decorations and little connection to the fictional Star Wars universe. However, Brunner said he doesn’t see why people couldn’t dress up as their favorite Star Wars character at prom.

Juniors will vote online for this school year’s prom theme over the Thanksgiving break weekend, with polls closing on Monday. Students can vote for a Great Gatsby, Star Wars, Romance in Paris, or James Bond theme for prom this year.

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