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No place like home for the holidays

Published 6:04pm Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holly Johnson

Hormel Historic Brown

The following is another Christmas memory from George’s childhood, written by his brother, William Henry. Their parents, John and Susanna, worked hard to make Christmas a special and memorable time for their kids.

“Mother and father had made the usual preparations for the family celebration. For many days, mother had been getting the house ready for the occasion. When we came home from school we would observe that unusual things were going on. We saw the Christmas shopping packages as mother came home from her happy shopping experiences. On our way home from school we enjoyed looking in at the store windows to see all of the attractive toys and gifts in the midst of the beautiful Christmas decorations. We knew from past experience that happy days were just ahead for many homes and children. The churches and Sunday schools were preparing interesting programs; the beautiful Christmas mottos and pictures on the black board of the school room, drawn with colored crayon by the pupils was awakening the Christmas sentiment; and the very atmosphere seemed to be permeated with the joyous anticipation of Christmas.”

“But none of these things stirred us as much as did the preparations that were going on in our own home. Father and mother were doing their best to prepare their plans as a surprise for us. But it is impossible to hide all clues from the eager and expectant eyes of children so filled with happy anticipations of a merry Christmas for all. Other happy occasions during the year manifested a busy household, but Christmas outdistanced them all in the many preparations that were going on.”

“The thrilling events of Christmas usually began on Christmas Eve, at the German Methodist Sunday school. A large package of candies, nuts, cakes, and fruit was given to each member of the Sunday school. From this beginning of celebrations we hastened home and spent a most happy hour talking about the program we had just enjoyed, and sampling and sharing with father and mother some of the many good things in our packages. Soon we were sent to bed, and when we were fast asleep, dreaming of Christmas morning and the many surprises to come, father and mother would make the final arrangements of the gifts and of the tree.”

Many say that Christmas is just for kids, but I think parents enjoy making the celebration magical for their children. John and Susanna did just that.

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