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Letter: Employees who help handicapped deserve a raise

Published 6:13am Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letter to the EditorĀ 

Poverty wages for professional work. This is what staff members receive for the demanding job they perform in the home my son resides.

I am writing in support of the legislation to increase funding by 5 percent for community based service workers who support individuals with disabilities. We have an adult handicapped son in a residence in Austin. He receives excellent care by very dedicated staff. However, this cannot continue without additional funds. Costs keep rising, gas, groceries, utilities, medical needs, etc., and the staff wages have remained the same for the last five years.

Please give this serious consideration and make it a high priority for the 2014 Legislature to increase the cost of living wages for care staff so our son can continue to get excellent care. The handicapped and vulnerable adults are depending on you.

Loren and Norma Klaehn,

Adams, Minn.

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