Two arrested after reportedly stealing $50 at gunpoint

Published 11:05am Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two suspects are in the Mower County jail after an alleged armed robbery Tuesday night in southwest Austin.

Police went to the 900 block of Second Avenue Southwest at about 5:30 p.m. after a resident reported he was robbed at gunpoint. The victim said the suspects stole $50 from him and pointed a black revolver at his head.

Police arrested one man as he was exiting the house and arrested the other just inside the home. According to the police report, the second suspect refused to keep his hands in the air, so officers shocked him with a Taser.

Police are still investigating the matter, and both suspects await formal charges in Mower County Court.

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  • LEXXfan

    You guys really need to get over your racial fears. I’ve noticed recently that in many cases you no longer identify suspects charged in crimes by their pictures, or now even their names. It’s pretty obvious you’re trying to keep from identifying certain people. You never used to do this, so why now? KAAL has identified the two men arrested. Going by their names, I suspect why. It is not your job to protect people committing crimes. Identify people who are committing crimes, and stop being so afraid of reality. We’re big boys and girls. We can handle it.

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  • Medgar Evers

    No kidding. There is gang type activity going on in town. I say we pass a law where your pants have to be up to the beltline and these pieces of crap might go back to Chicago. Before they kill one of us. Let’s have the cops pick them up and if unemployed arrest them for vagrancy and general stupidity.And I’m not a bigot. Just observant.

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    • Matthew Novak

      no, you are a bigot. you are saying that everyone who wears their pants low are criminals. You are ridiculous

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    • hellbound

      sound pretty racist not all blacks wake up an think about maybe we’ll join a gang. You should get out more maybe try to make a friend with someone other than ones that look like yourself rural main street goon

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  • MattPetersonADH

    It has been our policy to not identify suspects until they have been criminally charged in court. That practice is consistent with many news organizations. In this case, not all parties have been charged.

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