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Joystick: ‘Deadpool’ promises a meta experience

Published 10:11am Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gamers have often been fascinated with pulling the curtain behind a video game.

That’s why they create new and difficult ways to beat some of the most beloved games of our time, from speed runs to low health-playthroughs.

It’s all about breaking the game, in a sense. Seeing what makes the game tick, how it develops, what kind of mechanics govern it. It’s essentially breaking the fourth wall between the experience of the game and the player by twisting the way we interpret that interaction.

I pondered metagaming as I heard about “Deadpool,” one of the biggest, nerdiest titles to come out this summer. “Deadpool” centers on the eponymous Marvel superhero, the self-proclaimed Merc with a Mouth, whose claim to fame is his incessant fourth-wall breaking and bizarre, gross and somewhat perverted behavior as he stops Marvel heroes and villians alike from carrying out their plans.

This game was immediately on my radar as a good friend and geeky guru introduced me to Deadpool a year or so back. I instantly connected with the concept of a metacomic, a story behind the story that draws readers in. There’s nothing quite like a shared joke between a property and its fans, which is why so many people love to quote lines from their favorite TV series like “Family Guy.”

“Deadpool” looks to have many of those moments. By all accounts, the game holds true to the character’s voice and concept, even if there’s a massive amount of mature-rated gameplay. It’s an intriguing satirical look at gaming and pop culture, and I can’t wait to play it.

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