Packers AD: Bill to address parent, coach relationship not a problem at AHS

Published 10:54am Monday, May 6, 2013

With complaints about coaches from parents on the rise, the Minnesota Legislature is considering a bill that would keep parent complaints from being the sole reason for a board not to renew a coaching contract, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The bill’s purpose is to protect coaches from the possibility of parents interfering with a coach’s time on the job.

Austin High School activities director Lisa Quednow-Bickler said the problem hasn’t been prevalent at AHS.

“It’s not really a problem here,” she said. “We have good communication with all of our coaches and we always go to them first when a parent comes to us.”

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  • Reality_Check

    Definitely not true. This AD has been terrible for Austin sports.

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    • 55912

      Yeah, I can tell she is terrible by all the teams and individuals that competed at state this past year! (sarcasm)

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      • Reality_Check

        Strange how many coaches quit, isn’t it?

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      • Just my two cents

        The AD has nothing to do with the success of a program. I was part of an athletic program that made countless state appearances and never once was the AD present. Perhaps from a budgetary standpoint the AD has weight. Not saying that the current AD is positive or negative for AHS- I don’t know enough to even venture a guess but the success of individual athletes and athletic programs are about the direct coaching staff and the kids who have trained, sometimes since they were three or four years old, in each individual sport.

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