Drug dealer allegedly sells cocaine to informant

Published 11:15am Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Austin Police have allegedly busted another drug dealer by using a confidential informant.

Police arrested Tyson Randall-George Thomas after he reportedly sold cocaine to an informant on March 22 and March 29.

According to the Mower County Court complaint. Thomas, 32, of Austin, said he could get the drugs on March 21 but would have to travel to Rochester. Police then equipped the informant with a recorder and money and searched his car before executing the transaction on March 22, for which the informant bought 2.7 grams of cocaine in Austin, according to the report. The informant and officers set up another transaction on March 29, and the informant then purchased 3.7 grams of cocaine.

Thomas faces three felony charges in Mower County Court: two for second-degree drug sale of more than 3 grams of cocaine within 90 days and third-degree drug sale.

Thomas has a pretrial set for June 28.

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  • dude

    i believe that anybody that wants to use drugs should be able to. legalize it all! it’s no worse than having obama the president of the united states of america! besides, he is here illegally!! so with that said, if he is the president then legalize drugs.

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