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Minn. lawmakers propose curbs on police drones

Published 11:10am Thursday, February 14, 2013

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A trio of Republican state senators is pushing to bar law enforcers from using remotely piloted drones in Minnesota for evidence gathering except in rare circumstances.

Legislation introduced Thursday would allow people to sue if a law enforcement agency violates the restrictions and would prohibit evidence gained from a drone from being used in a criminal trial.

The Minnesota bill is part of a crop of anti-drone measures. At least a dozen states are considering curbs on domestic use of the powered aerial vehicles that gained fame for use in war zones.

The bill from Cambridge Sen. Sean Nienow and two colleagues provides exceptions for terrorism investigations, when a warrant has been obtained and when there is imminent danger to life, property or ability to apprehend a suspect.

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  • telc0mdave

    When is a peeping tom not a peeping tom? Rainy days? School holidays?

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  • Leeroy Jenkins

    This bill has unfortunate consequences on the counterdrug enforcement in MN which has used aerial surveillance to check farm fields for grow operations. Also, with all the budget restrictions is this really a big issue since most departments still have a minimal budget?

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