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Make it a special Valentine’s Day

Published 4:52pm Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making Valentine’s Day special for a friend, parent or any senior citizen is really not all that hard — you just have to be aware that the day may be sad for them and just go a bit out of your way to make Valentine’s Day special anyway.

I’ve long known that the gift of time is the absolute best gift one can give to another human, and spending time with my Mom is no exception to that rule.

She doesn’t require flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day (although that’s nice too) but, instead, just holding her hand is enough. You don’t have to be rich to lend some richness to a senior citizen’s life.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us will remember our grammar school days when our mothers and teachers had us exchange a Valentine with everyone in our class whether we could tolerate our classmate or not. Many a child struggled with sending the Valentine with just the right wording so that our classmates of the opposite sex would get the right message, or not get the wrong message.

Although we are much older now, Valentine’s Day is popular with anyone who enjoys the idea of love and romance. It is a time to show our true feelings and affection and give gifts that display our devotion and admiration.

Whether we are a giver of roses and chocolates or the recipient of a small paper card, Valentine’s Day is one holiday that lets all of us feel special and treasured.

Just because we are no longer spring chickens, so to speak, doesn’t mean we have to skip Valentine’s Day. In fact, this is a great time to also pass out hugs to your favorite people. You are never too old to have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

To remember your valentine this year we have the perfect idea. This year we are making custom valentines cards and will customize a large heart shaped sugar cookie with the saying of your choice. Orders must be turned in by February 12th and will be available for pick up starting on February 13th.

Cost $2.50 for a large heart cookie and card, $5 for a large double heart cookie and card, $3 for a half dozen chocolate dipped strawberries and $6 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries.

Call or visit Teresa in the office at the Senior Center 433-2370 ext. 6 to order your Valentine treats. See you there. You are always welcome at the Senior Center.

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