Dylan Kaercher is bringing his passions for performance together in a new store at the mall called Enchantertainment which will offer costume rental, singing telegrams and theme party planning. Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

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An enchanting vision

Published 11:42am Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Performer transforms love of stage into business plan

Dylan Kaercher is taking his love of performance to the next level.

The 19-year-old Austin man will soon open Enchantertainment, the combination of several side businesses he already runs. Want a singing telegram? He’s taking orders for Valentine’s Day. Need to rent a colorful costume? Stop by the store, opening in Oak Park Mall this Saturday. Want a themed party for your friends or children? Kaercher has Disney princesses, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, cowboys and more ready to entertain and delight your guests.

“There’s a great market here we can try to reach and really get them on board to things we offer,” Kaercher said.

Dylan Kaercher will have a variety of costumes for rent at the soon to be open Enchantertainment at the Oak Park Mall.

Yet Kaercher didn’t decide to open Enchantertainment until about four weeks ago. He has done singing telegrams for the past five years, joining his aunts and other family members in a longtime family tradition. He runs theater camps in the summer for children and is heavily involved in the area’s performing arts. And he’s collected many costumes over the years as part of his theatrical interests.

All that came together last month, when Kaercher decided he would combine many of his activities into one business. After talking with friends who run similar businesses in other parts of the U.S., Kaercher found a storefront inside the mall, came up with a name and is now booking parties.

One of the highlights of Enchantertainment is the themed parties they offer. Residents can book all manner of guests to entertain at parties, whether it’s a cowboy for a western party or Disney princesses for a child’s birthday.

The Disney princesses will come to a party ready to read, sing or demonstrate their princess talents for a spell, according to Kaercher. There’s even a full princess package, where the princesses of your choice will give lessons on how to be a true princess — from waving your hand to singing songs.

“All the things that are important to being a Disney princess,” Kaercher said.

Kaercher has booked three parties thus far, and a handful of singing telegrams. In addition, he has hired and trained about 30 independent contractors to perform in various roles for themed parties, and he has plans to train another 15 in the coming weeks.

“No matter who you get, you’re going to get the same experience,” Kaercher said. “I want to keep bringing in people and expand what we offer.”

Kaercher has set up a Facebook page for Enchantertainment, and interested residents can contact Kaercher either by phone at 507-438-0221 or at his location, across the way from Vision World in the mall.

Kaercher is excited to spread into nearby markets like Rochester, Owatonna and Albert Lea as well, once the business starts running. He’s confident people will want all the magic Enchantertainment offers.

“We try to make it affordable for everyone to have a little Enchantertainment in their life,” he said.

Dylan Kaercher is bringing his passions for performance together in a new store at the mall called Enchantertainment which will offer costume rental, singing telegrams and theme party planning.

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  • leftthehatebehind

    He means costumes he has “borrowed” from Matchbox Theatre and Riverland Theatre…

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  • Sunflower

    I keep trying to view the comments, and they either are disappearing or there is a glitch with this story.
    This disappoints me, as I like to use the comments on stories to gauge the community response to various stories.

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  • Concerned

    This young man has been taking advantage of the community for some time now. Local Theatres have all shut their doors to him because he has a reputation of stealing items from their inventories. It is truly concerning that he is starting a business using those stolen items. He better be prepared as these organizations should be spearheading a lawsuit against him.

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    • ellen72

      I had a post similar, but they removed it. Much of his costume inventory is from the two other community theatres in town, Matchbox and Riverland, he is no longer allowed to borrow from him because of it, and there have been talks of possible police reports filed against him. This is no way to start a business, so dishonestly.

      I would be VERY careful getting involved with him in any way.

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  • heidikaercher

    Hiding behind tag names and posting such rude and hateful remarks….really? I hope your day is brighter after hurting others this way!

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    • ellen72

      By stating the truth? Hurting others by being honest? Can you confirm this otherwise? There are several local theatre people that will back this up. You know he has been confronted about it before as well. He is hurting others by being dishonest and starting a business in a dishonest way.

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