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Walz challenges Quist on disclosures

Published 11:30am Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MANKATO — U.S. Rep. Tim Walz’s campaign is taking a jab at rival Allen Quist by supplying the address where Quist can mail his long-delayed financial disclosure forms.

Quist has been one of two state Republican candidates the state DFL has criticized as being the only Minnesota candidates to not file the required Personal Financial Disclosure forms. The forms — which detail the financial interests of lawmakers and candidates — were due five months ago.

The New Ulm Journal reported that Quist said he hadn’t yet sent out the form because the required address is not on the form and he hadn’t been able to determine where to send it.

The Walz campaign sent a press release Tuesday saying they were offering a “helping hand” to Quist, pointing out that the return mailing address is on the first sheet of the financial disclosure forms.

“The public shouldn’t have to wait another minute for him to send his delinquent forms to Washington. Mr. Quist should release it to the public immediately,” Walz campaign manager Sara Severs said in a statement.

Quist told The Free Press Tuesday that he wasn’t aware of the forms until the Walz campaign brought them to his attention. “I honestly never saw it. It slipped through the cracks in our campaign.” He said he’s mostly filled it out but needs a couple of more days.

“I just got the address this morning that it needs to be mailed to,” said Quist, a retired farmer and teacher.

“I think I have to get advice from a couple of people on the value of (my agricultural) real estate. It looks like I could fall into one of two different categories there, and I don’t think they want guesswork.”

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