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Spending some time with the family pets

Published 5:39pm Saturday, October 20, 2012

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. “Edmund Burke

 I have to confess that I have become accustomed to be doing a lot of nothing aside from playing indoors and outdoors with Mello and Fred during the day.

I also spend a little time with Ptolme in the morning and then again toward the end of the day. Echo, on the other hand prefers to spend most of the day resting on the lunch counter in the back room. Echo, like Ptolme, also prefers to be petted.

Last night Echo napped on the bed upstairs where we watched a television special on the harsh history of the Native Americans and their plight. I’ve often wondered about their experience and the difficulty they faced as we eventually occupied their environment back then.

Tuesday I received a call from a Mr. Netti, and eventually we got to discussing the book I published back in March and how well it was doing. I’m about to order 300 more books. Mr. Netti pointed out the opportunity the Internet provides with publishing companies. He said call all of them. Now I’m wondering about making this happen, and this has lifted my spirits so to speak.

In a different light: Monday I went out to the Worlein Funeral Home to pay my respect to Dick Seltz who had passed away. I stood in line for quite some time in a room filled with many others paying their respects. I was in line next to Larry Schid and his wife, Barbara.

It’s hard to picture the passing of Dick. He was always there, in the classrooms, at the athletic field and, of course, at Marcusen Park. Dick Seltz vastly exceeded doing more than nothing.

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