Felon denies alleged gun crime

Published 6:50pm Saturday, October 20, 2012

One of several people who was involved in a Sept. 19 fight in Austin has pleaded not guilty to one count of felon convicted of a crime of violence in possession of a gun.

Brian LaKeith Bell, 25, of Milwaukee, Wis., denied the charge Thursday in Mower County Court.

Officers went to the 600 block of First Avenue on Sept. 19 for a large fight and arrested Bell. Witnesses say, according to the court complaint, that a group followed two people home and threatened to shoot them. One man said he had “enough bullets for y’all.”

Witnesses say Bell was the one who walked near a fence when he heard police were coming and stashed a .25 caliber pistol, which he allegedly had illegally, as he is a felon. Witnesses also allege that other assailants carried a pipe and a tire iron.

Bell claims he was walking by the scene but did not participate, according to the court complaint. The Mower County Attorney’s office charged Bell with one count of a, a felony. Bell posted a $50,000 bond on Sept. 21 and was released from jail. His pretrial is set for Feb. 8, 2013.

 — Trey Mewes contributed to this report.


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