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Plan to vote in primary

Published 11:44am Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daily Herald editorial

Primary elections like the one that will take place next week often don’t get the attention that the general election does. They are, however, just as important and are worth taking the time to vote.

With no “big ticket” races — president, governor, United States senator — to decide, voters tend to get less excited about the August primaries. The reality, however, is that because of lower turnout each vote cast on Tuesday, Aug. 14, will have a potentially bigger impact than those cast in November. And the contests themselves will be important; locally, voters will narrow down the fields for county commissioner, mayor, city council and school board, setting up the races that will be decided in November. For anyone who is concerned about quality of government, casting a vote next week will help ensure that favored choices make it through to the general election.

Circle next Tuesday on the calendar — and plan to vote.

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