Alleged DWI stalker pleads not guilty

Published 11:10am Friday, July 13, 2012

A man denied charges Thursday that he allegedly chased a 72-year-old local woman with his truck while drunk on June 26.

Gregory Robert Soderberg, 38, pleaded not guilty to gross misdemeanors for stalking/pursuing another and DWI and a misdemeanor charge for following more closely than reasonable.

According to the court complaint, Soderberg got behind the victim in north Austin and thought she was going too slow. The victim, who was with her daughter at the time, said Soderberg squealed his tires, almost went over a median and eventually passed her while showing his middle finger.

Soderberg then allegedly waited for the victim, got behind her again and followed her very closely. The victim said she was scared and did not want to go home, as she thought Soderberg would follow her.

Police eventually stopped Soderberg north of Austin while he was turning his truck around. A breath test later revealed he had a blood-alcohol content of .14.

Soderberg’s pretrial is set for Sept. 21.

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