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Group fighting bullying with street fundraiser

Published 9:00am Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last year’s Take It To The Streets taught Community Against Bullying that people needed to talk about bullying. CAB hopes to keep the conversation going with another fundraiser Friday.

“Last year we were able to connect with a lot of people,” said CAB head organizer Danielle Borgerson-Nesvold.

CAB members will accept donations, pass out anti-bullying information, sell T-shirts and speak to motorists at the second annual fundraiser.

Volunteers will be at 14th St. and Eighth Ave. Northwest by Riverland Community College from noon to 6 p.m., rain or shine. More volunteers will greet people at Eighth St. and Eighth Ave. NE, near Hormel Foods Corp., from 2 to 6 p.m.

Borgerson-Nesvold said the group hopes to speak to as many people as possible, since so many offered their money and stories to CAB volunteers last year. She recalled one elderly man who told her that he was bullied 60 years ago, and is still affected.

“It absolutely brought me to tears,” Borgerson-Nesvold said.

That’s why CAB volunteers will offer anti-bullying pamphlets and other materials to show how people can stop being victimized. Borgerson-Nesvold said it was important people realize a bully’s harsh words were a reflection of the bully and not the victim.

“People have always been under the presumption that we are the bad words that people tell us we are,” she said. “Why would you allow them to create who you are when you are the one who ultimately has that power?”

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  • Rhino

    FYI…. He is a fake and a joke. this is part of the CNN interview…

    Scary visited Juntunen’s middle school last year. The cost was covered by a federal grant. Parts of Scary’s performance were positive, Juntunen says, but other parts were inappropriate enough to convince Juntunen he would never invite Scary back.

    Juntunen recounts how Scary, in an attempt to show that hand-shaking and hugging is harmless, reached out to shake a student’s hand and sarcastically said, “Oh, that’s the best sex I’ve had all day!” to a room full of middle-schoolers.

    After the crude comment, Juntunen says, he immediately knew his phone would light up. “Well, what got left with the kids?” he says, “The kids got, ‘Oh, that’s the best sex I’ve had all day,’ not that it’s OK to shake someone’s hand or to hug them.”

    Scary says he was just role playing, and that most people find it funny.

    In his interview with CNN, Scary also didn’t seem overly concerned about discrepancies in some of his business and professional claims. His invoice to schools and his website — before we sat down for an interview — claimed his charity, KidsVisionHeart, is a nonprofit. (He changed his website after our interview.) The truth is KidsVisionHeart lost tax-exempt status nearly two years ago.

    “It probably fell out because I didn’t report all of my taxes for the last seven years,” admits Scary.

    CNN also learned his for-profit business, VisionHeart, was dissolved in the U.S. so his earnings from past gigs have been going to his bank account tax-free.

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  • cooper

    Thank you Rhino. I totally agree with you. This guy is a joke. I did see some of his performances and I was not impressed.

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  • K-Man

    I questioned them spending the money on this guy before he came.. Then I went and watched one of his presentations and couldn’t believe what a WASTE it was! VERY disapointing from my perspective! I work with kids everyday and the message he gave kids was nothing new! I wonder if there will be any difference come next school year..

    (strongly suggest you check it out!)

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