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Thinking back to writing

Published 11:07am Sunday, April 15, 2012

“Loss, decay and death are just as natural as gain, growth and life.” — John Blofield

Over the years I have gathered a number of quotes, but I have not always verified them. This one is a little uncertain. Often there is mention on my computer that they have applied the one I set in place. John’s looks a little off guard.

When I sit at home putting the column together, it’s hard to think of what I’m going to write. However, walking back home from the Coffee House on Main, thoughts come to mind but rapidly slip away. Perhaps it has something to do with my age that is soon to step up to another decade and will end 14 months from now.

I have to think that younger voices see other things to read. I remember (and I’ve probably read this before) when I first came to work at the Herald, I wrote a letter for a resident and then checked it and forwarded it to a younger adult gentleman who retuned it to me at the Herald. He had circled all the mistakes. I couldn’t count them all but I was able to correct them.

Now the Herald is on the main floor and the writers write away. I admire their service. I am very dependent on reading papers and I can’t bear to watch television. The paper is quieter.

A lot of people read something in their hand as they walk along and listen to voices holding this object in their hands. I have to rely on my landline. I like it.

Mello and Fred had a few days off and they hung out with some other dogs at a dog resort; although, I’m not sure that’s what it’s called. In the meantime, Ptoleme and Echo are much more relaxed here in the house.

I’m continuing to work with Jana, a one-time Herald employee herself who now runs a paper in Cloquet and she is assisting with my effort to publish along with a Duluth publisher.

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