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Council looks at funding a sober-ride bus

Published 4:40pm Saturday, February 4, 2012

Austin City Council members will discuss Monday night whether to fund a red bus for sober rides from Austin bars.

The red bus, called “The Big Red Ride,” operated in Austin for a short time around the holidays, but police Capt. Dave McKichan said owner Derrick McCormack might ask the city for funding to continue operating the bus.

According to a letter from McKichan to the city council, the police department has concerns about the bus system, which takes riders home from local bars. According to the letter, an assault was reported on one of the buses during its trial period, and McKichan is afraid allowing alcohol on the bus might contribute to further crime.

The bus currently allows patrons to drink alcohol while riding it.

“From a public safety standpoint, although the thought of removing impaired drivers from the road is a good hting, often people overindulge when they feel they have a safe way home and that can lead to other crimes that may offset the good the bus is doing,” McKichan said in the letter.

Council members will discuss the potential request for funding at a work session Monday

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  • Rhino

    I hope not… if your going to go out drinking and dont have the common sense to have a ride in place, aka: sober driver, you shouldnt be out drinking.

    i dont think my tax money should pay for one more idiot that cant take care of himself.

    when will this stop???? the checkbook is empty!!!

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  • scottb

    Totally agree. If there’s a problem a guilty verdict and a couple of weekdays in that new fancy jail might make you think twice. Why just fine people anymore, they just pay up and do it again.

    Once you miss three or four days of work (bye-bye summer vacation) you’ll figure it out all on your own. Then make them go back to the DMV, wait their turn and take the written and practical test again at their own expense to get their DL back.

    The other problem is stupid drunks won’t wait for the bus unless it’s right there when they want to go…they’ll just jump in the car and take off.

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  • snapperhead

    Unless our city council wants to foot the bill out of “THEIR OWN POCKETS” I’m all for it—but we know that won’t happen. The last time I checked we do have a taxi service in this town.

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  • hartman

    Agreed to all comments. WE should not have to pay for someone else getting drunk. Of course I hope no one gets hurt but we should NOT have to pay!!

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  • senior

    If the city council agrees to this they are worse than we thought

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    • Rhino

      hahaha we can think worse of them??? holy crap thats really bad.

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