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Scary Guy comes to town on Halloween

Published 11:00am Monday, October 24, 2011

Austin is one week away from getting Scary.

The Scary Guy’s timing couldn’t be better, as the anti-bullying motivational speaker will be in Austin from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 as part of the Community Against Bullying’s campaign to stamp out bullying in Austin.

“It’s going to be a positive thing,” said Danielle Borgerson-Nesvold, CAB chairwoman. Borgerson-Nesvold started CAB after her son was repeatedly bullied last year. After getting school staff, local residents and Austin police involved, Borgerson-Nesvold and other CAB members decided to bring Scary, who is known for his blunt, aggressive approach to teaching compassion for others, into Austin.

That decision wasn’t always popular with residents. CAB raised more than $20,000 in recent months to bring Scary to Austin and while a majority of people they talk to support them, there have been some who questioned the price for Scary.

Borgerson-Nesvold said those questions were put to rest after CAB members have talked to residents, organizations and the media.

“They are certainly as excited as we are,” Borgerson-Nesvold said of residents she knew who at first had doubts over Scary.

Scary will be in every Austin school during his 12-day stint. He’ll be at Austin High School from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, working with AHS students during the day and school staff after school. Scary will spend at least one day at every other Austin school, along with appearances at several organization meetings and other community events. He will give two public speeches at AHS and Ellis Middle School on Nov. 1 and Nov. 9 at Ellis. Both meetings start at 6 p.m.

Borgerson-Nesvold said she’s heard from several area groups who are interested in coming to Austin to observe Scary, along with calls and e-mails from people across the nation interested in how CAB is making a difference.

“It’s definitely going to bring people into Austin,” she said. “I’m hoping that the citizens of Austin definitely take advantage of that.”

Borgerson-Nesvold is also working on one-on-one meetings between Scary and students who have been bullied or are bullying students as well.

“It’s an opportunity to get counsel and help, in a way,” she said.

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  • K-Man

    I will admit that I was and still am skeptical about this guy and his price tag! I am glad to hear that he is here for an extended time though and not just a day or two. I will check him out and with an open mind and then decide if I feel the organization did well with their money. Ultimiately though, only time will tell if he will makes an impace on our children. For that price tag, I sure hope so!

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  • sarasotabone

    Hey K-man, maybe he can teach you how to spell? what’s impace?

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  • cooper

    I think that this kind of money could have been spent on better things than this guy. I just dont think that this guy is going to make a difference. Parents need to step up and teach our kids what is right and wrong. Not some guy that is going to spend a week in Austin and then leave.

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    • austinbri

      Well, Cooper, I’m sure the CAB would love to hear some ideas…got any? Any proactive approach is better than doing nothing…or sitting on a message board complaining without offering solutions. Have a wonderful day.

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    • Lebowski

      You are more correct than you know Coop.

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  • Rhino

    If i see him out and about i am going to point at him and comment….

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  • Jess

    Bravo to C A B for putting our children first and being proactive and helping out the community and our children!! Having “Scary Guy” here at any cost is going to be nothing but a positive approach!! I am proud to belong to such a wonderful community and am looking forward to welcoming “Scary Guy” to our community!!

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  • Lebowski

    After more digging I have found this to be an even more vulgar waste of money. I guess I must not be in Borgerson-Nesvold’s circle of friends that assure her that this is money well-spent. The price tag for $cary Guy is considerably larger than $20,000. The school district is pitching in a large amount too. At a time when they are coming to us for more money they are wasting the money they have for a scam like this. If they aren’t going to spend the money they have wisely why give them more?

    This is no different than our ineffective D.A.R.E. program in the 80s-90s. Hours and hours of instructional time was used for a program that was ineffective and created no long-term changes. The high school hosted a speaker last year on internet safety and security. Those of you with high school-aged children, how many changed their internet and texting habits as a result of the speaker? That’s what I thought.

    Take some time and look for the $cary Guy’s credentials. He was a music major. He has no professional background in the area of counseling, sociology, or psychology. He is a scam that is going to fly out of Austin in a couple of weeks with a huge sum of money. What will the students and schools of Austin have? A new Facebook page to visit, some new catch phrases, a few interesting pictures with the $cary Guy for their photo albums, and more “I saved the world” newspaper quotes from Borgerson-Nesvold. What will the students and schools of Austin not have? They won’t have better supervision and intervention in the places where bullying occurs, they won’t have better ways for kids to get help when bullied, they won’t have more serious consequences for people that bully, and they won’t have long-term change in the bully culture that exists in the lives of our youth.

    Sorry folks but the emperor has no clothes.

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