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Community to get dose of Scary

Published 10:55am Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Austin will officially get Scary this fall.

The Community Against Bullying has secured The Scary Guy to come to Austin from about Oct. 31 to Nov. 11.

“It’s pretty surreal,” said Danielle Borgerson-Nesvold. “Right now, our focus is to make sure that while he is here that everybody gets an opportunity to see him and to learn.”

What’s more, Scary is ready and raring to come to Austin after hearing about CAB’s work.

“I have never once experienced what we’ve seen what’s happened in Austin,” Scary said. “You’ve got to be proud of the fact that you’re in a town beginning to create their own revolution, their own change. I haven’t even been there yet.”

It almost didn’t happen, according to Borgerson-Nesvold. She contacted Scary’s representatives after CAB organizers received several grants from corporations and charities that would pay towards the end of December. Since CAB volunteers earned about $6,000 from their “Take It To The Streets” event last month, Borgerson-Nesvold wondered whether they could put a down payment on Scary’s services and pay the rest once the grants kicked in. Scary’s people agreed to come.

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  • pashusa

    So. Who is the scary guy and why should I care that he is coming here? Did I miss something? Maybe I didn’t read a previous article that explained this.

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  • Buckstorm

    The Austin community shouldn’t get too excited about Scary Guy. He’s only helping the Austin cause because someone agreed to pay his fee. His real name is Earl Kaufman and he’s quite the opportunist. Originally from Minneapolis. He found a way to capitalize on the decision of altering his appearance and making a freak show of himself.

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  • pashusa

    OK, so I looked him up on the Internet.
    From what I understand this non-violence and anti-bullying group from Austin is going to pay this freak show $20000 to come to Austin and be seen and listened to. This is like hiring Ronald McDonald to teach our kids how to eat right. This guy has obviously made some very bad choices in his lifetime and may in fact be insane. Maybe a bully had held him down and put tattoos over 90% of his body. But I don’t think that is what happened. I think many strong drinks and illegal drugs may have influenced his lifestyle. If you don’t want to be treated like a freak and be shunned by society, you should not wear the freak costume. It’s a little different than some innocent getting bullied on the playground, in school, or on the net for no fault of their own. This guy has brought everything onto himself and has now figured out how to make a buck.

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  • formeraustinian

    @ pashusa – Obviously you didn’t read very much about him – your description isn’t even close – what’s the matter you jealous you didn’t think of the idea?? Anyone that wants to promote peace and harmony can’t be all bad and what difference should his appearance make? HELLO – that’s what his message is all about! Obviously pashusa was one of the bullies in his day – so he just doesn’t get it!!

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