Quincy Muzik gets a kiss from Ozzie while at home. Muzik has autism affecting how he communicates and interacts with others. The story revolved around Quincy looking to get the chance to participate in the Circle of Friends Day Camp for kids with similar disorders.

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Pictures of a moment

Published 5:05pm Saturday, November 13, 2010

Through any given year, a photographer will take a number of pictures that resonate with him or her personally.

They may not be of a big breaking news event or a big name that comes to the area. More often than not it is a simple moment that comes together to create the image and the memory.

These five shots are my personal favorites taken during the year so far and represent those moments in time that have stuck with me.

Jason Berber gives a ride to some kids on his Street Stock before racing at Chateau Raceway, while above, storm clouds boil earlier this year. The night’s racing was cut short by the storms and rain but gave me a great canvas before. A couple nights during the year drivers come out and take kids on a slow ride around the truck. The event is always popular.

Austin’s Abby Snater performs on the balance beam during the Class A State Girls’ Gymnastics Meet at the University of Minnesota Sports Pavilion. This was a shot that benefited from me having seen Abby perform her routine earlier in the year. I knew this was coming and I just focused on this point.

What makes this photo work is it shows the fun working relationship of caseworkers Gayle Loverink and Paul Oefke. The story was about how Loverink took over Oefke’s work load after Oefke suffered a heartattack.

The stars come out in the late twilight Saturday, May 8 above the Solifide Observatory. The brightest point just to the right of the observatory is Venus. I shot this photo as part of a Sunday Neighbors feature I wrote.

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  • Hootch

    Good to see you were smart enough to copy one of the Rochester paper’s better ideas…… nice pics.

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