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Packer fans didn’t need to rub it in

Published 11:48am Monday, October 25, 2010

Ever since Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings, I think every Packer fan (me included) wanted to see a game like Monday night’s game against the Packers.

It was a classic Favre letdown game where he threw three second half picks and he probably cost his team the game with the interception for a touchdown to Desmond Bishop.

But the fact that Packer fans decided to boo him as he limped off the field while fighting back tears is inexcusable. Green Bay had already won the game and they should’ve been cheering on the Packers, not booing a former legend at the lowest point of his career.

I was fine with booing him before and during the game, but when it’s over, let it go.

Just be glad that the green and gold didn’t fall to 0-3 against their old signal caller and move on.

As for the Vikings, I think this is it. Favre looks done and now he’s facing a possible fine and suspension from the NFL.

The once mighty Vikings’ defense showed a lot of holes against the Packer passing game. Green Bay didn’t have to punt once all night and every drive ended in Minnesota territory.

If anything, this should’ve been a Packer win by a landslide if not for two Favre-like picks by Aaron Rodgers.

I see Minnesota tanking at New England and soon Favre will be out of the lineup. Maybe T-Jack will ignite new life in the team, but I doubt it.

As for the Packers, there’s not too much to get excited about with them either. This wasn’t that different from Green Bay’s last two overtime losses.

Sure, the Packers moved the ball on offense, but it didn’t result in nearly enough points and the defense still got killed against the run.

Maybe things will get better when Atari Bigby, Al Harris, Ryan Picket and Brandon Chillar all get healthy on defense but who knows if that will happen.

Right now the Packers are still a team that tends to make mistakes at big times (including the failed fourth down conversion on the last drive).

The good news for both teams is the Bears are a mess, having lost their last two at home. When Jay Cutler isn’t throwing picks, he’s getting sacked.

So the NFC North is still relatively wide open, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the playoff chances of whoever wins the division.

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  • PckLvr

    You thought that was bad? Wait until they retire the #4 in Green Bay, you’ll hear the boo’s all the way over there in Austin. He made his bed, now he gets to lie in it.

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  • aglade

    Hi. Packer fan here. Man, I gotta say, I agree with you. I hate the way the sportscasters play up the drama of “Favre coming back as THE ENEMY!” and how they made a point to play the tape of the fans booing Favre, but what I hate more is the fact that the fans WERE booing Favre. Did we forget so soon how much he did for our team? Another thing to point out – when Favre played in Lambeau as a Viking last season and beat us and the sportscasters (of course) ran over to ask how it felt to beat his former team, did Favre gloat? NO. As a Packer fan, that defeat really hurt, and I loved the guy for not being a d*ck about it. Instead, he said it was hard to come and be booed and that he’ll always have fond memories of Lambeau or something like that. I really wanted us to beat the Vikings last night, but I take no joy in Favre’s suffering. Yeah, with his reckless (at times) throwing he gave up almost as many games to interceptions as he won us (Vikings fans can relate, I’m sure), but we had 17 damn good seasons, a Superbowl victory and consistently landed in the playoffs. The guy played on that re-injured ankle you know was killing him because he just couldn’t leave his team at that critical time…that is classic Favre. Despite his possible sleazebag-behavior off the field, the guy has a devotion and sportsmanship I don’t see much in the NFL. He deserves to be considered a legend in Green Bay, and it’s unfortunate he didn’t stay retired the first time and avoid all the controversy and bad press, but none of that takes away what he did for Green Bay.

    I do disagree that this wasn’t much better than our last two overtime losses. We played considerably better tonight than we have been, no doubt owing to all the players who came off injured reserve, but we are still not where we need to be or should be. I love A-Rod and I’m so happy for him…he needed this win to stop living in Favre’s shadow. But Brett getting booed while hobbling off the field after playing his heart out, and stopping to hug Donald Driver…well, it brought tears to MY eyes.

    Anyway, I apologize on behalf of the petty, immature fans who booed him, but I assure you not all the Packer fans are like that.

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  • bfavreisourlegend

    He got his butt kicked and lost the game and still some fans in Green Bay have to boo him on his way off Lambeau Field for the last time EVER! How embarrassing. Maybe after all Brett has done for Green Bay the idiots booing him should have given him the respect he deserved on his last walk off of Lambeau.

    As far as when they retire his number, the place will erupt with cheers, big time.

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  • seeaboutagirl

    You’ve got to be kidding. You’re employed by a newspaper located IN MINNESOTA and you openly admit to being a Packer fan. Are you learning disabled? Give me a break. Can’t believe the Herald hires a Sports Editor that roots for the arch-rival of his readership. Another nail in the coffin for my subscription …

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